The Global Micro Lending Initiative:

"The only place poverty should be is in... museums."
-Muhammad Yunus, 2006 Nobel Laureate

Global Micro Lending

GML Resource Hub

Information and resources related to micro-lending, micro-loans, micro-investment, social finance, and peer to peer lending.

GML Mission Statement:

Everyone deserves access to a financial system which is fair, safe, and transparent. GML's mission is to foster connections between organizations which provide microlending and microfinance services.

GML Program Initiatives:

GML Organizational Sponsors:

World BankThe World Bank

International Monetary FundThe International Monetary Fund

United Nations Development ProgrammeUN Development Programme

GML Platform Organization:

P2P Lending

GML Corporate Funding Partners:

Finance & Credit Providers

United Way International

International Year of Microcredit

Institutional Investment Providers

Alternative Investment Fund Partners